Connie Perignon

You know that girl. The type that walks into any room and commands attention with ease. Her bright blue eyes are mischievous and full of life. The girl with the confident strut, her charming and entrancing energy radiates with her every move. She’s always dressed to the nines; luxurious, silken fabrics delicately graze her swaying hips and soft curves.


A well-traveled coquette, she has as many tattoos that adorn her skin as stamps collected in her passport. Her laughter, booming and infectious, disarms you and makes you feel like long lost lovers. Her stories are equal parts intriguing and entertaining and she never takes herself too seriously. Banter is one of her love languages and the spark of her conversation can set off fires in the mind that continue to smolder long after adieu. 


The type of girl who has lived many different lives in her 20-something odd years. She is romantic but sinfully sexy— the perfect intersection of sensuality and lust. 


She is the stuff of your daydreams; the cool girl in high school you were too shy to approach. The one you still find yourself thinking of years after you've last seen her. She is a clock stopper, a breath taker and above all, a memory maker.


Hi, my name is Connie and I might just be the girl you’ve always been looking for. 


Let’s take a chance on each other, shall we?